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Our Custom House Blends 

Last update 8/30/20

**Newest House Blends**

~Pumpkin Dreams~
Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Sugar Cookies

Blackberry Marmalade, Butter Brickle and Ice Cream Scoop Bread

~Coffee Snob~
Coffee, Blueberry and Vanilla Buttercream

~You're the Apple of my Pie, Pumpkin!~
Apple Cider Donuts, Pumpkin, Caramel and Pie Crust

~Cabin in the Woods~
Cranberry Woods, Fireside and Flannel

~Tea Time~
Earl Grey Tea and Sugar Milk

~Birthday Party~
Cotton Candy, Caramel Popcorn and Birthday Cake

Frosted Pumpkins, Cider Lane and Toasted Marshmallow

~Witch's Cottage~
Candy Corn, Marshmallow Fireside and Cotton Candy

~Graveyard Shift~
Barbershop, Patchouli and Fresh Cut Grass

~Pumpkin King~
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Blueberry Muffins and Butter Brickle

~Dark Moon~
Palo Santo, Dragon's Blood, Coffee and Pink Sugar


~Ahh, Sugar Sugar~
Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher, Fizzy Pops and Pink Sugar

Funnel Cake, Vanilla Cake Pops, Birthday Cake

~Apple Butter Cornbread Muffins~
Freshly made Apple Butter and fresh out the oven Cornbread Muffins.

~Apple Cinnamon Spice~
Juicy MacIntosh Apples perfectly blended with Spicy Cinnamon.

~Apple Peach Cornbread~
Spiced Apples & Peaches blended with our bestselling Cornbread scent.

~Beach Cottage~
Coconut Water & Mango, Beach Babe, Suntan Lotion, Cottage Breeze and Fresh Cut Grass.

~Beachy Nights~
Vanilla Sugar, Suntan Lotion and Salty Sea Air

~Blackberry Ginger Ale~
Fresh Blackberries with Ginger Ale.

~Blackberry Marmalade smothered Cornbread~
sweet blackberry marmalade perfectly blended with our delicious cornbread scent.

~Blueberry Apple Pie Zucchini~
Fresh Blueberries, Hot Apple Pie and Zucchini Bread.

~Blueberry Cinnamon Bread~
ripe blueberries and sweet cream blended with our scrumptious cinnamon bread.

~Blueberry Cream Cheese Lemon Cake~
Blueberries, Cream Cheese Frosting, Lemon Curd and Birthday Cake.

~Blueberry Crescent Rolls~
juicy blueberries blended with freshly baked bread. 

~Blueberry Ice Cream Dreams~
Blueberry Cream blended with Marshmallow Fluff and Flossy Cotton Candy.

~Blueberry Snickerdoodles~
scrumptious blend of juicy Blueberries and fresh baked Snickerdoodle cookies.

~Blue Raspberry Sugar Pop~
Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher, Cotton Candy and Pink Sugar Type

~Blucchini Mallow Madness~
blend of Blueberry Muffins, Zucchini Bread, Marshmallow Fluff and Toasted Marshmallow

~Breakfast in Bed~
scrumptious blend of Fresh Brewed Coffee, Coconut Cream Pie and Cinnamon Glazed Donuts.

~Calypso Cake~
Pineapple, Birthday Cake, Marshmallow and Coconut Cream Pie.

~Caramel Zucchini Mallow~
Rich Caramels, Ooey Gooey Marshmallow and Zucchini Bread

~Caramelized Praline Waffles~
Caramelized Pralines, Pizzelle Cookies and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles.

~Clean Cut~
Old Fashioned Barbershop, Blue Sugar and Cotton Candy.

~Cinnamon Swirl Cheesecake~
Yummy, rich NY Cheesecake with sweet Cinnamon and Sugar  Swirls.

~Cinnamon Toasted Butter Pecans~
delicious blend of Amish Cinnamon Bread, Toasted Marshmallows
and Butter Pecan.

~Coconut Frost~
Coconut Cream and Icy Peppermint.

~Confetti Fluff~
Cotton Candy, Pink Sugar and Toasted Marshmallows.

~Cotton Candy Cream Cheese Frosting~
sweet flossy Cotton Candy perfectly blended with rich cream cheese frosting.  

~Cotton Candy Skies~
Sweet Lemons, Strawberry Milk and Cotton Candy.

~Country Chick~
Barn Wood, Pink Sugar and Toasted Marshmallows

~Crazy Cactus~
Grapefruit blended with Toasted Marshmallow and Cactus & Sea Salt

~Cupid's Dazzle~
Love Spell, Blackberries and Cotton Candy.

~Domestic Goddess~
Blackberries, Sugar, Fresh Laundry and Lemon.

~First Base~
Fizzy Pops, Orange Dreamsicle, Fruit Loops Type and Love Spell Type.

~Forever in Blue Jeans~
Soft Musk, Jasmine, Vanilla Sugar and Patchouli. 

~Good Vibes~
Pears, Fresh Cut Grass and Vanilla Buttercream

~Green Apple Mint~
Tart Granny Smith Apple with Icy Peppermint

~Gummy Bears on the Beach~
Sweet Gummy Bears slathered with Suntan Lotion frolicking on the Beach.

~Heavenly Coconut Shortbread~
Coconut Cream Pie, Sugared Vanilla Shortbread,Birthday Cake

~Hippie Juice~
Fresh Strawberries, Juicy Watermelon, Island Coconuts and Pink Lemonade.

~Huckleberry Lane~
Huckleberries, Birthday Cake and Cake Pops.

~Irish Eyes~
Green Irish Tweed and Twilight

~Lavender Lemonade~
Herbal Lavender and White Tea Lemonade.

~Lavender Coconut Chiffon~
Sweet & relaxing blend of Lavender Chamomile, Coconut and Pink Chiffon Type.

~Let Them Eat Cake~
Zucchini Bread, Birthday Cake and Vanilla Bean Noel.

~Lil' Miss Cupcake~
Pink Sugar, Rainbow Sherbet and Frosted Cupcakes.

~Lilac Marshmallow Milk~
Blooming Lilacs with Fluffy Marshmallow and sweet condensed Milk.

~Lilac Noel~
Blooming Lilacs and Vanilla Bean Noel

~Loopy Sugar Milk Crunch~
sweet blend of Fruit Loops, Capt. Crunch Berries and Sugar Milk

~Loopy Wildberry Dreams~
Fruit Loops with Wildberry Cream and Orange Dreamsicle.

~Love is in the Air~
Love Spell, Pink Sugar and Salty Sea Air plus a secret scent note we can't disclose. Zoinks.

~Marshmallow Coconut Bread~
Marshmallow cream blended with coconut and fabulous sweet bread fragrance.

Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew Melon, Pink Sugar Type.

~Mermaid Hotel~
Strawberry Milkshake, Banana and Cake Batter Fudge.

~Minty Melons~
juicy watermelon blended with fresh peppermint and spearmint. 

~Nightblooming Jasmine & Grapefruit~
Sensual, mysterious Jasmine Flowers blended with crisp, tart Grapefruit.

Salty Sea Minerals, Orange, Peach and Freshly Cut Grass.

~Orange Dreamsicle Cake~
Juicy Oranges, Vanilla Buttercream and Vanilla Cake~

~Paradise City~
Lemon Berry Twist blended with Pink Sugar and Fresh Cut Grass.

~Parisian Countryside~
Juicy Peaches, Cucumber and Sweet Summer Strawberries

~PB&J Cookies~
sweet shortbread cookies topped with peanut butter and strawberry jelly.

~Peach Honeydew Cake~
honeydew melon, juicy peaches and birthday cake.

~Pineapple Paradise Cookies~
Juicy, fresh Pineapple, sweet Shortbread Cookies drizzled with ooey, gooey Caramel.

~Pink Cake Batter Fudge~
Pink Sugar, Cake Batter Fudge and Homespun Sugar.

~Pink Flannel Sheets~
a unique blend of Pink Sugar Type, soft flannel sheets and fresh "off the line" linens.

~Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs~
Pink Sugar, Cinnamon Red Hots and Fluffy Marshmallows.

~Pink Ice~
Pink Sugar Type & Black Ice Type

~Pink Lavender Noel~
Vanilla Bean Noel, Lavender and Pink Sugar Type.

~Pink Lemongrass Breeze~
Pink Sugar, Lemongrass and Clean Laundry.

~Pink Snowflake~
Pink Sugar Type blended with rich vanilla and icy, cool peppermint. 

~Pumpkin Muffins~
sweet pumpkin, spices and cornbread  

~Rainbow Pops~
Juicy Watermelon, tart Green Apple and sweet Cotton Candy.

~Rose Chiffon Milk~
Fresh Cut Roses, Musk, Cotton Candy and sugary warm Milk.

~Salted Caramel Praline Cupcake~
Sea Salt Caramel, Caramelized Pralines, Frosted Cupcakes. 

~Secret Lovers~
Pomegranate, Peach and Blue Cotton Candy.

~Slumber Party~
Sweet Lavender, Love Spell Type, Marshmallow Madness

~Strawberry Coconut Noel~
luscious strawberry coconut cream blended with Vanilla Bean Noel

~Sugared Olive Branch~
Pink Sugar Type, Warm Vanilla Sugar Type and Olive Branch Type. 

~Sugared Pumpkin Waffle Cake~
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Birthday Cake, Sugar Cookies.

~Summer Picnic~
Fresh Cut Grass, Juicy Watermelon and Lemon Iced Tea.

~Sun Kissed Summer Grass~
warm sun, bright summer skies, line dried linens and freshly cut grass.

~Sweet Cheeks~
masculine, sweet blend of Casanova, Pink Sugar Type and Glacier Falls Type.

~The Evil Queen~
Red Apples, Cucumbers and Pink Sugar.

~Toasted Mallow Birthday Cake~
toasted marshmallows and sweet birthday cake 

~Vanilla Blueberry Shortbread~
creamy vanilla, shortbread & blueberries.

~Vanilla Lavender Muffins~
lavender and vanilla blended with delicious cornbread.

~Wildberry Sugar Milk Noel~
Wildberry Mousse, Sugar Milk and Vanilla Bean Noel