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    • When does OPT restock?

    • Does OPT's wax need curing?

    • How does OPT ship their wax?

    • What Warmer(s) works best with OPT Wax?

    • Can I request a Custom OPT Order?

    • What's OPT's TAT?

    • Who is Moonstruck Misfit?

    When does OPT restock? top

    OPT is not a "restock" company.

    We pour most everything to order so that our Customers can order what they want, when they want it.

    Periodically we will disable ordering to catch up on orders when we feel the TAT will reach it's max of 21 days, or to revamp the Website.

    Does OPT's wax need curing? top

    We "pour to order" so your goodies are fresh off the OPT Pour Table. By time your goodies get to you, they are ready to melt/burn. 

    How does OPT ship their wax? top

    Our Wax is only shipped using USPS Priority Mail.
    We carefully place orders in USPS provided Boxes with Tissue Paper. In some cases we will use a Padded Envelope. 

    What Warmer(s) works best with OPT Wax? top

    This is a tricky one to answer. Sense of smell is different for everyone. What we perceive as a weak scent throw may be perceived as super strong by someone else.

    What I can tell you is that we test our Wax in 4 different Warmers.

    18 Watt YC Warmer
    20 Watt Glade Warmer
    24 Watt Hot Plate Warmer
    and a Tealight Warmer

    The sweet spot seems to be the 18W YC and the 20W Glade Warmer across the board for longevity.
    The 24W and Tealight Warmers both give strong throw faster but longevity can be an issue if that's what you're looking for. 
    We test our scents to throw for at least 8 hrs in all Warmers.

    Can I request a Custom OPT Order? top

    Absolutely! We love custom orders!
    If you need something that isn't available on our Website please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

    Custom Orders do have a longer TAT than regular Website orders.

    What's OPT's TAT? top

    Current TAT is approx. 7-10 days
    (depending on size of order.)

    Our TAT varies at times. Sometimes it's 2-5 days and sometimes it can and will reach 21 days.
    Our busiest times are the Fall and Holiday Seasons. 

    Once OPT reaches a TAT of 21 days - we disable ordering to catch up on pending orders.

    Who is Moonstruck Misfit? top

    You will see the Moonstruck Misfit logo on some of our goodies. Why? 

    I'm a Moonstruck Misfit!

    I am hopelessly in love with the Moon (it knows all of my secrets) and I don't fit in anywhere really. Hahaha. I'm always off doing my own thing and get lost along the way. 
    I have always been like this and it took me years to realize that it's ok to just be yourself. 
    So, yeah. Here I am. A Moonstruck Misfit. 

    I plan on changing our Business name eventually. Eventually. One day. Under a full moon, I'm sure. ;)